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Becoming a firefighter

Firefighters tackling a blaze

Thank you for your interest in a career as a Firefighter with Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service.

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service is committed to working towards making Norfolk a safer place to live and work.

To do this, we depend upon our dedicated team of 300 Wholetime and 530 Retained Firefighters.

Fighting fires and rescuing people are only part of the role of the Firefighter in the modern Fire and Rescue Service. Just as important is our work in preventing fires and accidents from happening in the first place. What's more, in the 21st century we face all kinds of different challenges – there are unpredictable environmental factors like floods and storms, there are transport accidents and unforeseen events like oil spills and the growing threat of terrorism.

Protecting society against all of these dangers requires people with special skills and abilities and the selection process to become a Firefighter is quite rigorous. You will be required to participate in a range of assessment activities including physical tests, written tests and an interview as well as medical and fitness assessments.

The links to the sections to the right will give you more information about the qualities we are looking for, how to become a Firefighter and what you can expect during the selection process.

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